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Our new RS-500 nuclear radiation detector and meter measures radioactivity from the lowest background radiation levels up to 999 mR/hr (10,000.00 ÁSv/h) (a radiation level that can be reached only in a major nucelar accident or after a nuclear terrorism attack or the explosion of a nuclear weapon). This is 20 times more than ordinary radiation detection devices.

When set on, the alert will beep at a radioactivity level of 1mR/hr (standard nuclear industry radiation alert level).

The RS-500 radioactivity detector detects and measures Alpha, Beta, Gamma and X-Rays (A-B-G-X) radiation. Its digital display is easy to read and does not require switching between scales.

The RS-500 radiation detector is as portable as a small cell phone. It is designed for professional and personal use.

Because nuclear emergencies (nucelar terrorist attack, nuclear weapon, radioactive contamination, nukelar accident, etc...) may produce high to very high levels of radiation, the RS-500 high range makes it the best choice for Police departments, security and military personnel, as well as for individual and family safety. Other devices generally saturate before radiation levels become really dangerous and can measure only "safe" radiation levels. They become useless when they are most needed!

We recommend you keep your radiation detector at all time inside the vehicle you would use in case of a radioactivity emergency. This may save precious time should a major radioactive threat occur.

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