FREEDOM RYDER and Handcycling

    Handcycling has been around for about a decade. Brike Int. Ltd. began experimenting with body lean handcycles in 1984 and was the first company to offer a truly high performance handcycle in 1991. Since the introduction of the Freedom Ryder into the sport in 1991 handcycling world wide has seen a steady increase in popularity. Many world records set on FREEDOM RYDERS along the way helped to stimulate this growth.

    Handcycling is the same as the sport of cycling only you use your upper body for propulsion.  Not only is handcycling a truly exhilarating way to cycle, it also offers tremendous health benefits. Cardiovascular gains are only part of these benefits. After only a couple of weeks of handcycling you will see your body start to transform into what resembles an Olympic gymnast or swimmer. People all over the world are discovering the benefits of handcycling. Avid bicyclists will benefit greatly because now they have the opportunity to develop their upper bodies to match their great legs, all while enjoying the sport they love. Not only is the sport more fun than you should be allowed to have on wheels, but the health benefits and muscle building gains have to be seen to be believed. Handcycling has evolved from very early designs that allowed people with leg injuries or the complete inability to use their legs to be able to cycle.

When the FREEDOM RYDER first came on the scene almost nobody knew what handcycling was. Now everybody is getting involved because of the tremendous upper body development that comes from simply doing something that is fun. Active individuals who wish to maintain a strong healthy body from kayakers, mountain climbers, body builders and all types of sports are discovering the muscle building benefits of handcycling. If you love cycling but are forgetting to give your upper body the same level of training as you do your legs then you‘ve got to give handcycling a try.