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A performance handcycle designed for rides on paved and unpaved roads, the Coaster handcycle is easily taken apart to fit inside your car.

The Coaster handcycle maximizes your fun !

Designed by world-class athlete Peter Brookes, the Coaster handcycle offers racing technology to the recreationnal rider. Check out these features:

Warning: Tricycles limited stability in turns does not allow the same performance as with regular bicycles. It is recommende not to ride in excess of 10 mph. The risk of injury increases with your speed. As with a regular bicycle, you should always wear a helmet and protective clothing.
Be careful and have fun !

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4 or 21 speeds Shimano components for the best quality
Drum brake Very powerful brake unaffected by water or mud
Cycle computer Gives speed, mileage, etc...


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Perfect for a ride in the suburbs

AXIOM Industries, Inc. is a Californian company specialized in standing frames.

Axiom designers used their knowledge of posture issues to make the most innovative Coaster handcycle.


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