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Please click here for a full screen picture of Tiralos ® on the beach.

Enjoy the beach! Enjoy the water!

A high quality aluminum beach chair mounted on wheels, the Tiralo was designed accessible to everyone, including to beach wheelchair disabled users and to people with special needs or in a wheelchair.

The Tiralo ® is intended as a nice and comfortable way to play, relax and sunbathe on the beach and in the water. Disabled beach wheelchair users love the Tiralo ® beach chair.

If you are looking for a way to increase the fun for you and your family at the beach or in the swimming pool, look no further.

Just imagine how you and your family will enjoy the beach with your Tiralo ® !

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The Tiralo ® is easy to use
Video: Watch how the Tiralo floats (963K)

The Tiralo ® is great in the ocean !
Video: Watch how we tested the Tiralo in strong surf (2.4M)
(Please don't do it: this was only a stability test)

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A comfortable and convenient sitting position
Video: Watch the Tiralo enter a swimming pool (662K)

The Tiralo beach chair is the result of suggestions and improvements made by people of all horizons, including handicapped and disabled users of beach wheelchairs, and people with disabilities. For instance, the seat height, which is half the height of a regular seat, makes getting on easy from:

You can sit on the Tiralo ® starting with :

The Trialo ® armrests flip up for easy access. The footrest allows you to extend your legs as well as to drop them onto the sand or into the water. The material used, as well as the rounded shapes, limit the risks of injury.

You will love enjoying the beach in one of the most comfortable chairs in the world.

Most disabled people who could use a beach wheelchair will find the Tiralo ® more convenient and more comfortable on the beach than most beach wheelchairs because:




Although the Tiralo floats, the Trialo floating chair is not a boat. The sitting position is stable and you won't slip out of the Tiralo under normal conditions of use. However, for safety reasons, a life jacket is required for children, disabled or handicapped beach wheelchair owners and non swimmers (this may also be required by law). The Tiralo is not intended for areas with current or strong waves. Please download the User's Guide for a detailed list of precautions and warnings.

Be careful and have fun !

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The Tiralo ® on the beach
Video: Watch the Tiralo front wheel rolling on the sand (344K)

The Tiralo ® offers the right position for sunbathing

The shape, the material used and the colors immediately identify the Tiralo ® as a beach accessory. Please click here for a full screen picture of Tiralos ® on the beach.

On the beach, the Tiralo ® looks like a chaise lounge. You will love the comfort of being in a chaise lounge. The position is ideal for sun bathing. You can either keep your legs extended on the footrest or drop them onto the sand through the specially designed opening.

If you prefer, you can also just sit on the sand: everyone will ask for permission to use your Tiralo ®: It is so much fun!

The Tiralo ® beach chair goes easily to the water. It can even go down the stairs of some pools. The front drive wheel is pulled, which allows the Tiralo ® to be steered with only one hand.

When the front wheel is pulled, it bears less weight, which makes it easy to move on the sand. This design was selected after noticing that pushed beach machines often have problems moving in the sand, even though they have wide wheels.

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The Tiralo ® in the water
Video: Watch how easily you can get back on the Tiralo to rest after a swim (2M)

The Tiralo ® is great in the swimming pool !

The Tiralo ® is the only rolling beach chair designed to float in the water, whatever the depth.

Thanks to its especially designed floating armrests, the Tiralo's passenger rests in a comfortable position.

Because the floats are well apart, the Tiralo ® is exceptionally stable, like a catamaran.

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Video: Watch how the Tiralo assembles easily (3.2M)


Unfolded (inches) :

Folded (inches) : Weight (lbs) :
Length :
Width :
Height :


Length :
Width :
Height :


Including wheels :



The following list will show you why the Tiralo ® is the best quality chair of its kind on the market today:

  1. aluminum frame: not stainless steel or PVC
  2. frame is welded and most parts are connected by strong plastic sleeves, not bolts and nuts
  3. original Dunemer wheels, the highest quality on the market
  4. no bearings that will eventually rust or grip
  5. non-slip sculptured tires for better adherence
  6. foldable quick-release frame comes standard, not as an option
  7. headrest, reclined backrest and footrest come standard too
  8. proven low pressure 3 wheel design with low center of gravity provides:
  9. proven floating armrest design with:
  10. Yes, you can use your Tiralo in the water without damaging it: the Tiralo is made to be used both on the beach and in the water!

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    L'Ensoleillade, in the French department of Pyrénées Atlantiques, is a State owned company.

    The Tiralo ® was designed with the assistance of vacationers and hosts from the Hendaye Marin Center. It was developped and tested in the Atlantic Ocean.

    The Tiralo ® beach chair has received many awards in Europe.

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    US beach chair and disabled beach wheelchair users: please contact tiralo-usa.com

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