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With this handbike you can easily go everywhere without leaving your wheelchair.

A handbike is the best way to easily move around without leaving the wheelchair. At any time you can detach the handbike and recover your full autonomy.

Just imagine what you could do with a FUNBIKE:

All this with a bike that you can take easily in your car and that requires almost no space to store at home!

FUNBIKE is fast and easy to connect to the wheelchair.

FUNBIKE is the ideal complement to your wheelchair. It will fit fixed frame wheelchairs without problem.

FUNBIKE will work as well with folding wheelchairs. However FUNBIKE cannot be attached to removable footrests, because the joint between the footrest and the wheelchair frame is usually too weak. A fixed frame wheelchair is also recommended, as it is more stable than a folding wheelchair.

FUNBIKE is easy to transport too: untighten a screw to transform it into 2 parts. Untighten a second screw and you get three parts ! It is made with aluminum which makes it extremely light.

FUNBIKE comes in one model that fits any kind of wheelchair and can be adapted to special requirements.

Of course a children's model is available as well: the frame is shorter, as well as the crankarms. The crank is also closer to the driver.

Special features can be made on demand, for a small additionnal cost.

All components are manufactured and assembled in Germany. The frame has a 2 year warranty.


THE ATTACHMENT SYSTEM (Please click on the left pictures to watch it work)
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The attachment system automatically lifts the wheelchair front wheels and you are ready to go:
Resting position Riding position Many holes allow for a precise adjustment of the wheelchair reclining

FUNBIKE can be used with a wheelchair width between 13" and 18". The width is adjustable by:

The connecting jaws are the components that attach to the wheelchair frame. To pivot them, a screw must be slightly untightened. Once they are adjusted to the wheelchair width, the screw must be retightened (you do this adjustment only for the first use).

Moreover the reclining of the wheelchair is adjustable thanks to the perforations in the connecting metal sheeets.

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 Standard (included in every order)

  • 20" diameter wheel
  • Shimano 7 speed hub (internal geering)
  • Reversing brake
  • Ergonomic handpedals
  • Chain guard
  • Chain tension idler
  • Cycle computer
  • Bell

  • Ultralight aluminum frame
  • Most other components made of aluminum
  • Color choice: red, green, yellow or blue (other colors are available, for a small additionnal charge)


Riding and resting positions
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Harald Wörz Rehahilfsmittel is located in Baden-Württemberg, in southwest Germany.

Being in a wheelchair does not prevent Harald Wörz from working in the workshop. Indeed Harald Wörz is an experienced craftsman. The company makes the components and builds the FUNBIKES in the same place.

Because of its small size, the business is flexible and responsive. Each FUNBIKE is built according to the size and needs of the customer.

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