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The PHC III R portable handcontrols bring freedom of choice to the disabled:


For rental cars, second cars,
sharing driving with friends.
For test drives before you buy,
and service loaners when your car's in the shop.
The PHC 3 R portable hand control is easy freedom.
Easy to mount - For right or left hand.
Easy to use - Pull to go, push to stop.
Easy to install - Clamps to brake and
throttle pedals with 1-3/4" twistknobs.
Clips to the steering column with a
sports gear belt and buckle.
No tools, no modifications to the car.
Easy to carry - Folds to 18" long, fits in its own storage bag, weighs only 2.4 pounds.
Easy to buy - Buy from your favorite assistive device dealer, or direct.
You will receive your PHC 3 R portable handcontrols whithin 1 week, with a 3 months unconditional money back warranty.
Easy on hills - Push and hold the brakes, rock your wrist for a bit of throttle, then ease up on the brake. Smooth starts on steep hills, without stalling or backsliding.
Easy on the eyes - Anodized aluminium tubing, stainless steel fittings, rugged fabric bag for transport and storage, and easy on the hands, too, with genuine Grab-On« grips.

In a small European car (Clio by Renault)

So you're going back east for a family reunion, and Uncle Dan says, "I guess we'll have to send somebody to the airport to pick you up." You can say, "No problem, I'll rent something there and drive myself out." And when that lady at the rental agency looks at you with that smiley smile and says, "All we have with an automatic transmission is a Geo Metro and a Lincoln Town Car", you can say, "Either one is fine." And when Dan and Fred mention that they're going golfing tomorrow, you can say, "You fellas want a caddy? I'll drive the golf cart." And later, when somebody has to drive Aunt Melba's 65 Falcon into town for more Tom and Jerry batter, you can say, "I'll be glad to", and pull out your PHC 3 R portable handcontrols.
The PHC 3 R portable hand control. It fits just about anything.


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Portable Hand Controls
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Portable Hand Controls
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In a Suburban

MC2 Design is a small company on the west coast of the United States (Oregon). His owner designs aircrafts.

Quality is the main concern of MC2 Design: for cars as for airplanes, mistake is not allowed.

Please click here for the Hand Control Usage and Safety Assessment from the US Department of Transportation (545k) (.tif file, click Save As if it does not open with a left click). You will find out that the PHC III R passed the tests and was found in compliance with the norm SAE J1903.


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In a truck

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