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The original Saratoga Cycle® provides a complete package of features. It is preferred by people whose disability is better accommodated by the additional features. The Saratoga is also the first choice of health care facilities because its features enable use by clients with a wide range of disabilities. Facilities usually purchase a Saratoga for their first one or two cycles, and then consider the Colorado CycleTM for additional cycles.

Saratoga Sport Cycle® features:

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All Saratoga handgrips offer Quick-ExchangeTM

All handgrips sold with a Saratoga Cycle offer our exclusive Quick-ExchangeTM feature. Therapists love the QE, because they can switch handgrip options in seconds without tools.

Standard Handgrips

If you have a full or nearly full hand grasp, then this is the grip is for you. Whenever you want to work out, just grab these grips and go!

Limited-Grasp HandgripsTM

If you lack hand grasp or yours is limited, then these handgrips may be just what you need. Al DeGraff, who designed the Saratoga Cycle, is a C 5/6 quad with curled fingers and weak wrist flexion. His personal cycle is equipped with these grips. Two adjustable "knuckle pads" hold the hand as pictured. Slip your hands into the open end of each grip and start cranking away whenever you wish. It's just that easy. Not recommended for a complete lack of grasp with straight fingers.

Adjustable-Loop HandgripsTM

Some folks with partial grasp prefer these grips. Just slip your hand into the loop, pull the D-ring to tighten the velcro« strap, and then slip the handgrip tubes onto the Quick-ExchangeTM cores. Not recommended for a complete lack of grasp with straight fingers.

3-Way, Angled HandgripsTM

Some customers like a handgrip that enables changing hand positions during long workouts. These new grips provide 3 choices for positioning: horizontal, 45-degrees, and 23-degrees. These different angles provide a variety of comfortable positions while also exercising different muscle groups. In addition, the cyclist has the choice of keeping both hands close to the cycle or exercising while the hands are spread apart.


Other options

Gripp CuffsTM

A few folks whose hand(s) is not accommodated by one of our handgrips need our Gripp Cuffs. Our Cuffs can be used with either our Standard Handgrips or Limited-Grasp Handgrips with knuckle pads removed. These Cuffs are stronger and easier to use than the traditional handmitts you used in rehab. Their open sides make adjusting and inspecting fingers easy. Just fasten the velcro« straps around your hand and slip your cuffed hand onto the central post of the handgrip.

Foot Pedals with Toe Loops

You can use the same Saratoga or Colorado Cycle for arm or leg exercise. Simply exchange the handgrips for our foot pedals and place the Cycle on the floor. We've eliminated the uncomfortable bicycle seat so you can exercise while sitting on any comfortable surface -- chair, bench, wheelchair, or bedside.

Bi-Directional Crank-Arm Resistance

When you order your Saratoga or Colorado, you may choose between the standard forward-only or the optional bi-directional crank-arm resistance. Forward-only provides resistance in one direction, with a free-wheel lack of resistance when cranking in reverse.. Our bi-directional option provides resistance in both directions with no free-wheel.

Safety Chest Strap

We recommend our Chest Strap if you will be using your Cycle for arm exercise and you have significant concerns with trunk balance or coordination. You can use our Chest Strap with a wheelchair or straight-back chair to minimize the potential of falling forward or sideways. The velcro« assisted, D-ring Strap wraps around your chest and the back of the chair.

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Alfred H. Degraff, Saratoga's founder, is a quadriplegic. He first created the Saratoga for his own use. Here is his testimony:

Several years ago, I designed the first Saratoga Cycle because I wanted aerobic exercise. I wanted equipment that was accessible to me...that I could use whenever I wanted to, probably without asking for setup help.

As a C 5/6 quad, I hadn't exercised since rehab, almost 20 years. I worked out for just 10 minutes that first time...and felt great!

My breathing was easier, and I felt energized. After more workouts, my shoulders and arms were stronger, I had more stamina to get through each busy day, and I gradually lost some weight.

You can, also. It's never too late to start. Saratoga products are designed for you! We understand your needs first-hand.

All Saratoga products are designed and made in sunny Colorado by people with disabilities for people with disabilities. From our engineers to our assembly workers, included are people with mobility, sight, and hearing impairments as well as learning and deveopmental disabilities.

There is never a risk with Saratoga products. Your Saratoga or Colorado Cycle is Guaranteed Accessible(TM) (and satisfactory in every way) to you...or we will buy back the unit! You have my word on it.

Al DeGraff, President
Saratoga Access & Fitness, Inc

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